About Us

Who We Are


Rapid Response Services International (RRS) is a recognized international and integrated supply chain service provider with a mission to bridge the gap between countries, cultures, and borders through dynamic procurement and logistics services. We offer our clients specialized, focused, and professionally managed importing and exporting supply chain services.

We source, process, and manage the movement of goods and Services from buyers to sellers. We support our clients throughout the procurement and logistics process, with the objective of adding value to customers by achieving their goals in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We are experts at procuring and managing the complex movement of goods through multimodal modes of transport (sea, air, and land), complying with international standards, governmental regulations, and understanding international trade.

By operating from the United Arab Emirates, we are strategically located and well connected. We have a well-established global network that helps us to deliver superior services. We work with prominent companies and organizations, with which we have successfully built our renowned reputation. We are dedicated to maintaining our integrity and providing our customers with reliable, timely, and integrated logistics services, information, and solutions. Our expansive team of dedicated staff and our strong network of partners are committed to providing excellent customer service.

Our Model


Integrating our Customers Supply Chain Tasks.


Offering a synergized service from sourcing to final delivery


Visibility and control through the goods journey.


The Global Supply Chain is a Maze.
You Need Experties to Find the Way.