Focus on Africa

bridging the gap with cross-border expertise

We are experts at transporting goods to and from Africa, with a focus on bridging the gap between the world and Africa.  With our cross-border expertise, we offer international freight forwarding and supply chain services to Africa, as well as freight brokerage within Africa.

RRS are experts at working in high risk and conflict-affected areas. We use our capacities to assist companies in implementing their business practices in conflict-affected and high-risk areas.

We implement rapid-response procurement and logistic services to fragile and conflict-affected countries, in the world’s most challenging environments within Africa.

RRS has the capacity to support its customers in Africa despite the ever-evolving risks, such as conflicts and instability, which can lead to disruptions in the supply chain.

Africa is a vast and complex continent with many challenges and immense opportunities. Poor road infrastructure, as well as landlocked countries, can result in poorly connected markets.

RRS has invested in its team and network of dedicated partners, who understand the market conditions, as well as the potential risks and complications.

The Global Supply Chain is a Maze.
You Need Expertise to Find the Way.